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Teachers With the Habitudes

Announcing Teachers With the Habitudes – A New Blog Series

Happy Monday Friends!

I am excited to announce a new schedule for my blog, one that is sure to inspire and inform.

Teachers With The Habitudes is a new blog series celebrating and chronicling the learning and lives of talented educators from across the globe seeking to equip their students with the skills and strategies demanded in the 21st Century world and workforce.

When I started working on the first version of Classroom Habitudes, the 21st Century skills debate was in full swing. Despite numerous white papers, acts of legislation, and newly mandated curriculum, there was little practical application of how these lessons would actually look and feel inside real classrooms.

I set out on a quest to outline explicitly what lessons and conversations around the Habitudes of , and Passion looked and sounded like for teachers and students.

Four years and hundreds of lessons later, we have concrete examples of examples of schools, leaders and educators that have committed to implementing the Habitudesand can point to positive learning outcomes as a result of their passion and efforts. I am honored and thrilled to share their successes with all of you.

Every week on the blog, we will showcase a Teacher With the Habitudes. Through their story, you will see how and in what ways these lessons can be successfully integrated and implemented in your school and community.

For those of you new to the Habitudes, the following resources and ideas can get you started:

Click here to READ A SAMPLE CHAPTER and first hand how the lessons are organized.

If you are ready to see more, check out the HABITUDES RESOURCE WIKI.

Download any of the following FREE REPRODUCIBLES to help you in your lesson planning and implementation efforts.

These reproducibles include handouts to copy and share, as well as forms you can fill in electronically.

This will be an interactive series so come back often to read the latest post, comment with your own stories and ideas and check out the latest lessons and ideas. And if YOU have the Habitudes, I would love to hear from you.

Share with us how your lesson went, how you customized it for your students, and what secret sauce you added to make it even better. Just follow the Guest Post Submission Guidelines and share your genius with the world!

For a complete list of the posts in this series, click the “Teacher With The Habitudes” tab on the right sidebar.

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